Learn more about our American/Military history and Operation Whitecoat by visiting:

  • Fort Sam Houston’s Medical Museum located in San Antonio, Texas. Included among the numberous medical military exhibits is a Whitecoat display.
  • Fort Detrick located in Frederick, Maryland. Tours can be arranged through the military base and through the Visitor’s Center for the City of Frederick, Maryland.
  • Whitecoat Memorial. Located on the grounds of the Seventh-day Adventist church. 6437 Jefferson Pike, Frederick, Maryland.
  • Online at:

For additional information on Project Operation Whitecoat and the men who served, contact Kenneth D. Jones at the address below, first Whitecoat Volunteer to be exposed at the “Eight Ball” to Q-Fever on January 25, 1955, founder and first president of “The Whitecoat Foundation.”

5430 Sierra Vista Ave • Riverside, CA 92505
Phone: 951.688.1441 • Fax: 951.688.1441 • Cell: 951.741.5228


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