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Welcome to usarmywhitecoat.com, a digital haven dedicated to preserving the invaluable contributions of the volunteers of the US Army Project CD22 – Operation Whitecoat. This site is a tribute to the history, endeavors, and enduring impact of the brave individuals who played a pivotal role in this unique biomedical research program.

Our Mission: Preserving History, Honoring Service

At the heart of this website is a mission to provide comprehensive information on Project CD22 – Operation Whitecoat. We strive to offer a detailed exploration of the project’s history, its participants, and the groundbreaking scientific contributions that emerged from this collaboration between conscientious objectors and military objectives.

What You’ll Find Here: A Glimpse into Operation Whitecoat

  • Project History: Delve into the roots of Project CD22, initially named Camp Detrick-22 (CD-22), and witness its evolution into the renowned Operation Whitecoat. Gain insights into the critical role played by the volunteers in the context of a new Army and National initiative.
  • Gallery: Immerse yourself in the visual journey of Operation Whitecoat through our extensive gallery. Explore captivating images of the “Eight Ball” at Fort Detrick and visualize the environment that shaped this historic endeavor.
  • References: Expand your knowledge with references to books that focus on Operation Whitecoat and the broader realms of biological warfare. Our curated list provides resources for those eager to explore the subject in more detail.

Continuous Updates: Growing Alongside History

This website is a living repository that continues to evolve. We are committed to frequently updating and expanding our content, adding articles, photos, and videos to ensure a comprehensive and dynamic resource for visitors interested in Operation Whitecoat.

Meet the Curator: Ken Jones

Behind the scenes of usarmywhitecoat.com is Ken Jones, the dedicated manager and curator of this site. Born on October 30, 1933, in Hill Top, Kentucky, Ken responded to the draft in 1954 and became one of the first twelve volunteers for Operation Whitecoat. His commitment to preserving the legacy of this project is evident in his ongoing efforts to share information, stories, and insights.

Ken Jones’s Story: From Volunteer to Civil Service Employee

Ken’s journey is interwoven with the very fabric of Operation Whitecoat. Trained in Medical Aid at Fort Sam Houston, he became one of the initial twelve volunteers briefed by Colonel William Tigertt and Elder George W. Chambers on the critical nature of the new Army initiative. After his discharge in 1956, Ken’s dedication persisted. He returned to Fort Detrick in 1957 as a Civil Service employee, working alongside new volunteers and staff members on various projects.

For more information, inquiries, or to share your own Operation Whitecoat story, please visit our Contact Us page. We welcome your contributions and are eager to connect with those who share an interest in preserving the history and legacy of Operation Whitecoat.

Thank you for visiting usarmywhitecoat.com, where history meets digital storytelling, and the legacy of Operation Whitecoat lives on.